Rompin 1Box Dd Spoon Fishing Lure 5G 10G 15G 20G Silver Gold Metal Fishing

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Color Sliver spoons

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Rompin 1Box DD spoon fishing lure 5g 10g 15g 20g silver gold metal fishing bait spinner bait Treble Hook hard lures with box

It creates life-like swimming action in water.
Smooth and rapid diving action.
Bright colors attract big fish.
Excellent visual effect of luring fish.
Color: gold/silver
Package List:
1 * 20g DD spoon
1 * 15g DD spoon
1 * 10g DD spoon
1 * 5g DD spoon
1 * 4# Super Sharp Treble Hook
1 * 6# Super Sharp Treble Hook
2 * 8# Super Sharp Treble Hook
5 * Split Rings OD6mm ID4.5mm
1 * Lure Box