About Us

Bargain Bait Box is an online fishing megastore, we offer thousands of low-cost fishing products in gear, tackle, accessories, and apparel.

We are an American company with a global mindset that fulfills hundreds of orders every day. Our team consists of a group of frugal anglers on a mission to source discounted fishing equipment from suppliers around the world so that you can go fish on a budget!

We save you time while shopping for low-cost fishing gear, tackle, accessories, and apparel by organizing the thousands of fishing products listed in our store by category and type. We save you money by offering discounts and promotions for products in our store only, therefore, we are not overrun by external ads or irrelevant product suggestions like other sites. Save time and money by sorting categories and types alphabetically, by price, by bestsellers, and more. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun and effortless way for all levels of anglers to replenish or create their fishing tackle box on a budget. 

Our goal is to offer you the most economical shipping, no matter where you live. Every day, we deliver to hundreds of customers across the world with our Free Shipping option. We want all of our customers to be happy with their order and decision to balance a good value with our Free Shipping option.

Our Products

Our collection includes over 10,000 fishing products in fishing gear, tackle, accessories, and apparel from suppliers around the world. We are always looking for a value when we source products, therefore, we focus on the baits and not the brand name. We believe that spending more money on tackle doesn't mean you will catch more fish, and you shouldn't either.

We sell products quickly to ensure that we can leverage costs from suppliers. For that reason, we do not add a lot of fluff to our product descriptions. However, we will gladly provide you with more information about products just Contact Us if you have any questions.

Our Suppliers

Sourcing products and suppliers to maximize our store's product variety is what we do best while remaining economically and environmentally conscious. We have built and ended relationships with suppliers based on their actions and service levels, so we know who to source from and who to stay away from. Most of our products are direct from the supplier, and that allows us to keep costs low. Packaging and shipping materials are minimal, and those savings are passed directly to you. After all, when was that last time you caught a fish with your bait's fancy packaging?

Our Commitment

Bargain Bait Box is committed to delivering the best value possible to our customers through great prices, promotional offers, and free shipping worldwide. Our Free Shipping option is valid for all products in our store for our U.S. customers and is valid for most products for our international customers. Unlike most online retailers, we offer free worldwide shipping on every order regardless of your order quantity. Since most suppliers to the fishing industry are located outside of the United States shipping times can vary, but it's worth the wait for low-cost bait!

We encourage you to sign up for updates to start snagging deals. Thank you for visiting and remember to go FISH ON a budget!

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