High Tensile Bait Elastic Thread 100 / 200M Spool Sea Fishing Accessories Tackle

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Color 0.25mm 2pcs

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High Tensile Bait Elastic Thread Spool Dead Baits Sea Fishing Tackle Invisible Fishing Bait Line In Plastic Dispenser

Model 1

Length : 100M / 328FT

Line Diamater: 0.25mm

Model 2

Length : 200M / 656FT

Line Diamater: 0.2mm

Color : Transparent , Invisiable in water

Package : Plastic Dispenser with a hole , easy for use.

This fishing elastic thread is specially designed to attach the fishing bait to your fishing hooks, especially soft baits like: fish flesh, shrimp,chicken liver, mussel/clam & more. I personally used this ~elastic thread~ when I fish with sea mussel as bait( a very difficult bait to attach on hook) & it secure the bait & hide hook inside bait very well.

It is very easy to use, there is no need to tie knots on the bait, you just wind the elastic thread around the bait, up & down, then break it off.

This fishing elastic thread will secure your bait more efficiently to the hook & improve your fishing hookup rate guaranteed, plus when you use thread& tie the bait on hook, you hands do not touch the thread itself directly , you can keep stinky bait odor out of your tackle box.


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