Anzhenji 10Pcs Fishing Lure Deep Swim Hard Bait Fish 10.5Cm 10G Artificial Baits

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Fishing minnow lure

By Anzhenji

Features and specifications:

Product details:
Brand: Anzhenji
Type: Minnow fishing lure
Weight: 10 gr.
Length: 10.5 cm
Diving depth: 0.5-2 mt.
Hooks: Equipped with 2 quality hooks
Color: 10 different colors
Target fish: Pale chub, bass, pikes, yellow check carp, Chinese perch, top-mouth culter

Package includes:
10 fishing lures

1. Fish skin simulation: The design of the simulated fish skin is particularly attractive for big fish.
2. Quality hooks: High quality, stronge, durable, anti-corrosion, freshwater and seawater universal hooks.
3. 3D fish eyes: Big and bright, 3D simulation eyes with excellent reflection.
4. Metal balls: Inner stainless steel balls, to keep the fishing lure balanced for long distance casting.


3D eye

3D eyes to make the lure look more lifelike and a more attractive bait

Streamlined design

The streamlined design reduces the water resistance and provides longer casting distance and smoother swimming actions.

Swimming action

Smooth and rapid floating swimming action. Life-like swimming actions in water to invite predator to bite. Suitable for different kinds of fish. A wonderful tool for fishing lovers.

Floating minnow (Max running depth: 2 mt.)

This lure is made for floating. When it is cast out, it will float on the water.

It runs in the water, when the lines is retrieved.

It will float again when the line retrieving stops.


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