60Pcs 15Cm, 23Cm, 30Cm Fishing Line Steel Wire Leader With Swivel Interlock Snap

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Material: steel wire
Color: green
Fishing power:
15cm 6kg
25cm 9 kg
30cm 12kg
Length: 15cm/5.91", 23cm/9.06", 30cm/11.81"
Category: main line
Strength: high strength

When the moment of pulling, avoid the heat caused by the friction between main line and the guide ring damage the main line.
After the fish pull bait or already get fish, to protect the main front to avoid rubbing obstacles.
Conceal the main line, reduce the alertness of fish.
Offset the fish pulling force in the moment of get fish, play a buffer role.
Play the mark role, to prevent bait attack the fishing rod lead ring and wounding.
The strength of the front line higher than main line, so throw more easily, so bait fly farther.

20 x 15cm Leader Wire

20 x 23cm Leader Wire

20 x 30cm Leader Wire