500M Fluorocarbon Resin Nano Strong Leader Line Outdoor Sea Fishing Rope Durable

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Color Red
Line Number 2.0

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500m Fluorocarbon Resin Test Super Strong Leader Line Durable Fly Fishing Line
500m Fluorocarbon Durable Sea Fishing Line Resin Strong Leader Line
Product category: lead line
Material: resin
Line number 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0
Color: wine red, blue
Length: 500m/546.8yards
Weight: 105g (with packaging)

Fluorocarbon coating technology, wear-resistant, fast into water, tensile strength increased by 30%! Second-generation anti-UV resin processing, durable, wear-resistant surface treatment, anti-wear ability to enhance 20%.
High-tech processing technology, sophisticated production technology. Improve the overall performance of fishing line!
Rally strong, fast cutting water.
High-density technology, so that the fish line pull power is larger, anti-roll power stronger!
After multi-step technology, high-strength abrasion resistance can be cut line, can effectively resist obstacles in the water when the impact of various objects.

1 x Fishing line

1 x Blister box