Xiangguan Winter Wear-Resistant Camping Women Boots Tactical Sneakers Climbing

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Color Black Love
Shoe Size 4

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1.Please refer to the size table or email us,before you purchase,please measure your feet length and width to choose the proper shoes.
2.Please leave accurate shipping address and contact telephone number,if you can not receive the package because the wrong address,we do not compensate.
3.Due to difference between computer screens or phone/tablet display,so there might be color deviation,please refer to real item.

About Color: Please choose the shoes color as picture showing.We will send you the corret color.

About Box : Generally in order to pass your loacl custom faster and chearper,we will pack theshoes "without box" ,this way maybe can avoiding the custom tax,but we can\'t promiss that.If you want the box,please leave a message "with box" when you order.

About Decleared value:We will put $10-$25 on the parcel ,and declared as "gift",if you have any special requested,pls marked in your order.Thanks.


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