Walk Fish Right Or Left Baitcasting Reel 12+1Bb 6.2:1 Bait Casting Fishing

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Parameter description:
Bearings: 12 + 1BB
Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
Weight: 220 grams
Line capacity: 0.35/140 (for reference only, subject to actual use)
Product Description:
1, strict selection of high-strength nylon composite material to create the main, lightweight portable, anti-corrosion and durable.
2, the use of stainless steel bearings, more durable.
3, magnetic brake system, 10 files adjustable, operating sensitive and accurate, throwing farther, more simple operation, longer life.
4, wire empty metal aluminum wheels, lightweight design, improve overall stability, competitive level 6.2 high-speed gear ratio, the rotation is more smooth.
5, one of the star-shaped brake wrench, operating sensitive and accurate, crisp sound.
6, combined with ergonomic principles, to strengthen one metal rocker arm, more comfortable and effort.
7, a key quick release system.

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