Toppory 1 Bag 30G Earthworm Powder Bait Additive For Herabuna Crucian Carp

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Toppory 1 Bag 30g Earthworm Powder Bait Additive For Herabuna Crucian Carp Fishing GroundBait Feeder Ground Bait additives


This earthworm powder is ideal fishing additive for carp fishing or herabuna fishing.

You can use it for your fishing bait and ground bait.

How to use it (very important):

A mix about 10% earthworm powder with your ground bait

(earthworm powder:ground bait =1:10)

B mix about 5% earthworm powder with your fishing bait

(earthworm powder :other fishing bait=0.5:10)

If it is in spring or winter season,you are recommended to add a little more earthworm powder.

Net weight:approx 30g/1.06oz


1 bag* earthworm powwer (30g/bag)


1 Don’t expose the bait additive in the air for a long time,otherwise,it will go bad.

2 To make use of this bait to catch crucians,you need follow above instructions to use bait.