Tigofly 100Ft/30.5M Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line

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Color Fluo Yellow
Line Number 3.0

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Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line with 2 Welded Loops

WF-Weight Forward: WF-3F, WF-4F, WF-5F, WF-6F, WF-7F, WF-8F.

Length: 100FT/30.5M.

5 Colors: Pink, Orange, Fluo Yellow, Light Blue, Moss Green.

Packing: 1 pcs.

The type of fly line can affect the performance of the rod tremendously. The basic taper types are (WF)Weight Forward, (DT)Double Tapered, and (ST)Shooting Head.

The weight forward lines are used by the vast majority of fly fishers.

They consists of a head (traditionally 30ft) which is all the line you need outside the rod tip to load the rod.

This then tapers back into a very thin running line which when released in the cast offers little resistance to the rod rings and is basically towed out by the head when the cast is released.

As a result distance fishing becomes very easy as you don`t need to serialize the line you need only the weight forward part outside the tip ring.
Fly Line Position in fly fishing:
Fly Line Size:
FL002-O FL002-FYFL002-LBFL002-MGx


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