Spiderwire Stealth Camo-Braid Durable Fishing Line Pe 114M 9 Models

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Line Number 0.8

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Brand Spiderwire
Category Braid Line
Material PE
Length 114m

Models Diameter Size Drag Power Length Material Color
SCS6C-125 0.152mm #0.8 2.7kg 114m PE Braid Camo
SCS8C-125 0.178mm #1.2 3.6kg 114m PE Braid Camo
SCS10C-125 0.203mm #1.5 4.5kg 114m PE Braid Camo
SCS15C-125 0.229mm #2.0 6.8kg 114m PE Braid Camo
SCS20C-125 0.254mm #2.5 9.0kg 114m PE Braid Camo
SCS30C-125 0.305mm #3.5 13.6kg 114m PE Braid Camo
SCS50C-125 0.356mm #4.5 22.7kg 114m PE Braid Camo
SCS65C-125 0.381mm #5.5 29.5kg 114m PE Braid Camo
SCS80C-125 0.406mm #6.0 36.3kg 114m PE Braid Camo

Spiderwire STEALTH-BRAID fishing line with enhanced strength and castability.
Smooth fishing line, high water cutting performance.
Soft and wearable, standard line diameter.
High technology color-lock, anti-fading, durable fishing lines.
Recommended to be used for lure fishing and snakehead fishing.

Package List:
1 x Fishing Line