Spiderwire Invisi-Braid 300Yds Pe Braided Fishing Line 8 Strands Pe Line Braided

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Line Number 0.4

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Brand Spiderwire
Category Braid Line
Material PE
Length 274m / 228m

Models Size Diameter Material Length Drag Power Color
SCUC6LB-300 #0.4 0.1mm PE 274m 2.7kg Crystal
SCUC8LB-300 #0.8 0.15mm PE 274m 3.6kg Crystal
SCUC10LB-300 #1.2 0.18mm PE 274m 4.5kg Crystal
SCUC15LB-300 #1.5 0.2mm PE 274m 6.8kg Crystal
SCUC20LB-300 #2.5 0.25mm PE 274m 9kg Crystal
SCUC30LB-300 #3.5 0.3mm PE 274m 13.6kg Crystal
SCUC40LB-300 #4.5 0.35mm PE 274m 18.1kg Crystal
SCUC50LB-300 #5.5 0.38mm PE 274m 22.6kg Crystal
SCUC65LB-300 #6.0 0.4mm PE 228m 29.4kg Crystal
SCUC80LB-300 #7.5 0.4mm PE 228m 36.2kg Crystal

Spiderwire semi-transparent PE braided fishing line.
Super smooth 8 strands fusion technique.
High strength and standard line diameter.
Necessary gear for big game catching.

Package List:
1 x Fishing Line