Sea Shark 100M 300M 500 M Fishing Line 9-80Lb Super Strong Japan Multifilament

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Color White
Line Number 0.6

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1. 40% stronger than Kevlar, two times higher than carbon fiber, strong horse fishing line is the most strength fiber in the world.
2. The intensity is 3-6 times of nylon, At the same time,have special knot strength. Suitable for sea fishing, shooting, rock fishing, trolls, traditional
fishing and hook fishing, etc.
3. The linear density: 0.96, is lighter than water;
4. Cutting resistance and thermal stability are common, ≥145C melting(it is the reason why easy to cut .
5. Smooth surface, low friction coefficient, not easy to fluff;
6. Elongation at break: 3.5%, bending fatigue is better than Kevlar.
7. New breakthrough in super fine weaving process, Transmit of YuXun is super keen, significantly increase the rate of the fishing.
8. Strong corrosion resistance, good radiation resistance, stability under ultraviolet light;

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