Rc Propller With Dc 395 Motors Unit Shaft For Rc Boats, Fishing Lines Bait Boat

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rc propller with DC 395 motors unit shaft for rc boats, fishing lines bait boat

Types of the propeller shafts for this products:

D32 Propeller size is:

Depth12.5mm, Aperture3mm, Diameter 32mm. Material plastic PC

D34 Propeller size is:

Depth11mm, Aperture3mm, Diameter 34mm. Material plastic PC

  • D32Postivepromotor :Motor with shaft and one D32 POSTIVE PROPLLER,
  • D32Negativepromotor: Motor with shaft and one D32 Negative PROPLLER,
  • D34postivepromotor:Motor with shaft and one D34 POSTIVE PROPLLER,
  • D34NegativePromotor:Motor with shaft and one D34 Negative PROPLLER,

1. Shaft with spring to reduce the power lost when using, the special oil seal for the waterproof shaft, it could be totally waterproof for your rc devices such as, rc boat, rc bait boat.

2. The motors shaft unit is low noise for better performance.