Novelty Led Flashlight For Beauty Camera Phone Fill Light Mini Selfie Sync Flash

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NEW LED FLASHLIGHT for camera Phone support for multiple Photography mini selfie sync led flash IOS Android iphone 6 5 S samsung

Camera fill light feature

Product features:
• Portable multi-functional micro Flash inside facing 16 single LED bulb
• It can be iblazr free application with iOS, Android and WP8, smart phones and tablet computers to synchronize the connection.
• Photos in low light situations, the effect is outstanding.
• Is the camera\'s best accessories.
• Provides 3 powerful lighting patterns with different needs.
• Built-in rechargeable batteries, does not consume power supply in the Smartphone.
• Photo/video mode.
• An independent lighting as an auxiliary light (without having to connect to the Smartphone or other device)
Universal Black/White/Pink 16 LED Flash Fill Light Quality For iPhone/ iPad/ IOS Android 3.55mm Headphonejack
With the kind of self-timer devices getting diverse, people who like autodyne have demands on the self-timer effect. However, when you are highly interested to do autodyne (in KTV party, bars, concerts, rainy weather and so on),you will find that its effect is particularly poor. As we all know,the front camera of cellphone do not often take distinctive photos for you, but this LED fill light can make up for the shortcomings and help you get an perfect effect.
The portable multifunctional mini flashlight built-in 16 LED bulbs.
It can use the free application iblazr with iOS, Android and WP8 smartphones and tablet computers for synchronous connection.
Can in the case of insufficient light photos, effect is remarkable.
It is self-timer best accessories.
Provide three powerful lighting model to meet the needs of the different scenarios.
The built-in rechargeable battery, will not be consumed power of the smart phone.
A photo/video mode.
Can make independent lighting as auxiliary lamp (need not connected to a smartphone or other device).
Weight : 15 g
Battery power : 200mAh
The battery inside the flash has capability to pass 500 cycles, just like the smartphone.
IBlazr software compatible for IPHONE, IPAD, IPOD iOS 6, 7, 8 version; Compatible with Android smart phones and tablet PC 4.0 version or above version, WP 8.0 or above version(Whether support Blazer does no matter with this product, just need enough headphones volume, phones does not support this software can use manual function).
- Synchronous flash light must use IBlaze software, and install special applications, support iOS 6, Android 4.0 and above version; Support font/rear camera shift when photograph.
- When phones take photos can use its own photo software, supports earphones and tablet PC, turn to ON manually when need fill light.
- With 3-mode light brightness, can change the fill light brightness by adjusting switch.
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