Strike Alert Night Fishing Led Rod Tip Clip On Fish Bite Alarm Light

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Strike Alert Night Fishing LED Rod Tip Clip on Fish Bite Alarm Light Electronic Fishing Accessories with Rod Adapter


1. Lock automatically after power, remove the automatic power-off, no need to remove the battery.

2. High brightness display, visible from 100 meters.
3. Two kinds of light color, the difference between the state and wait for the fish bite state.
4. Adaptive quiescent state and flashes green slowly to show the location of the fishing rod. Green light long standby time, a single flash of standby time can reach more than 1000 hours, three flash
can reach more than 300 hours.
5. High-tech precision detection, prompt flash red when the fish bite, the fish did not miss any opportunity.

>>Installation and Usage:

The smart reminder above Loosen the lock switch (clockwise counter clock wise is loose is tight).
Be careful not to twist the rubber gently press down flat to the front of the alarm installation rod (depending on the thickness of the rod properly adjust the position) and then tighten the lock switch until the green light you can normally use it. There are anglers reflect alarm insensitive, please adjust the tightening of the base of the bottles and try more tightly screwed sensitivity more sensitive! (Do not worry when you lock it securely when throwing pole to get rid of this product.)

>>Package included:

1x Fishing alarm
1x Fishing alarm replace base