Monofilament 500M Fluorocarbon Fishing Nylon Line 4-35Lb Test Carbon Fiber

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Line Number 1.0

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500 meters packaging, the actual length of about 480 meters.

Line Number Diameter(mm) Test(lb) Test(kg)

1.0# 0.165mm 4 1.81

2.0# 0.234mm 8 3.63

3.0# 0.286mm 12 5.45

4.0# 0.331mm 16 7.26

5.0# 0.369mm 20 9.07

6.0# 0.405mm 25 11.33

7.0# 0.435mm 30 13.6

8.0# 0.467mm 35 15.8


Ultra high sensitivity, line body smooth and supple, fish hearing reactions are extremely sharp, ultra-high sensitivity so that anglers easily manipulated.
Ultra-high strength, special surface hardening treatment. Excellent wear resistance
Ultra nodules, nodules ultrahigh force has incredible imagination run fish reduces the incidence of
222 01 77 11 22 33 44 55 66



Please Take Care For Handle It Keep It Out Of Children\'s Reach.

100% brand new, high quality!
Quality is very good, is experienced in precision machining.
Its surface is smooth, will not hurt other fishing accessories.
Sturdy, rugged.
Not rust and corrosion.
Not easy to knot together.
Perfect fishing enthusiasts

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