Men Military Camouflage Bucket Fishing Hat Jungle Camo Hiking Hat With Wide Brim

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Color C2

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Men Military Camouflage Bucket Hats Jungle Camo Hiking Hat with Wide Brim Mesh Sun Bucket Hat Camping Hunting Fishing Caps

* The characteristics:
1.With the adjustable design,suitable for more people.
2.With the 2 sides of ventilation hole design, ventilation and heat dissipation terms, the head is not hot.
3.Processing is fine,with the excellent quality, exclusively for export.
* Analysis of the details:
1.Ventilation holes on both sides of the design,used for ventilation and heat dissipation.
2.Export quality workmanship,fine sewing.
3.With Snap fastener around the brim of a hat,can turn up and buckle.
4.Size: Cap deep 9CM,head 58±1CM.
5.Features: Inner side with double fabric,the top with layer of fabric.
6 With washing mark label,in exported standards.
7.Multicolors,can be used with different clothing,in different occasions.

Material: 60% cotton,40% polyester.

* Specification: Head circumference:about 60CM,Brim of a hat:about 6.5CM.
Size Approx:Cap Peak:7.5cm, Diameter:34cm,Height:11cm
* Application: Tourism,leisure,mountain climbing,fishing,camping,picnic etc.
* 6 Colors can be choosen: C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6
Provides Insulation against cold surfaces ( extremely useful on metal surfaces )
This hat size information is just for reference only.
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