Kastking Spartacus 12Bbs Super Light Centrifugal And Magnetic Brake System

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Use Mode Right Hand

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Model Name: Spartacus

Ball Bearings: 11+1

Gear Ratio: 6.3:1

Max Drag: 8KG / 17.5LB

Weight: 205g

Line Capacity: 0.285mm/115m



1.Dual Brake System-Centrifugal and Magnetic Brake System

2.Max Drag 8.0KG/17.5LB
3.Ultralight 205g
4.CNC Machined Aluminum Spool
5.Precision Machined Brass Gear
6.Clicker System for the Action Adjusting
7.Graphite Body and Side Covers
8.Quick Removing Side Cove
9.Aluminum Handle with EVA Knob
10.Ceramic Insert Line Guide




Questions & Answers

Question 1 :

What kind of rod would be good with this reel?


Any casting rod from 6 to 7.5 ft in a medium to medium heavy would be Ideal. KastKing has both all purpose and species specific rods that will match your reel perfectly.



Question 2 :

How to determine what is needed left or right


If you are used to twisting the handle by right hand, then choose right handed reel.



Question 3:

Does anyone\'s reel buzz a lot when casting?


All bait casting reels with metal gears and parts can be a bit noisy. Turn the reel upside down and put a drop of oil on the worm gear and make shure the reel and its parts are clean and lubricated.



Question 4 :

Can be use in saltwater ?


It is fine to use in saltwater, but you need to clean and lubricate after use



Question 5 :

I am new on baitcasting reel, is there an instruction of how to use it?


No instruction in the package, but just ask the custom service if anything confused



Question 6 :

What’s the differences between carbon material and industrial plastic?


Carbon material is more durable,more resistant to high temperature and lighter than industrial plastic,which produces powerful drag power and help you relieve stress when throwing