Goture 30M Fly Line With Welded Loops Fly Fishing Line Weight Forward Floating

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Line Number 3.0

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  • FLY LINE: Weight forward taper fly line, cast further and control easier; Floating line, track the line on the water surface all the time; Easy to correct the cast misplay; Features above are ideal for the beginner
  • QUALITY WELDED LOOPS: Excellent quality welded loops, which makes swapping out leaders a lot easier; We have made the tip as a ring, both of the ends of the line. Connect the backing line or leaders better and faster
  • 100 FEET IN ENTIRE LINE LENGTH: All of fly line options we list are 100 feet in length, the best fit length helps you have a best fishing experience. For fly line, 100 feet is a proper length, because you need a backing line to extend your line length in anyway
  • LOW MEMORY FEATURE: The inside core is made of polyester braided line, lower memory and higher strength; The surface skin material is PVC, lower friction and launch further distance; Also, it has a coating to cope with the heat and
  • harsh conditions.



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