Frwanf 4 Braid 100M Pe Braided Fishing Line 4 Strand Super Strong Japan

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Frwanf 4 Braid 100M PE Braided Fishing Line 4 Strand Super Strong Japan Multifilament Thread for Carp Fishing 6LB-100LB

1, Famous brand in fishing line industry; multifilament fishing line
2, 9 colors available (8 solid colors in this page. Contact us for a link for muti-color line);
3, We use high-tech machine to braid super strong PE fibers into 4 Strands PE line. This ensures you catch big fishes;
4, Top technology of surface coating in industry. Much smooth than those from other factories;
5, Incredible strong and tough. So durable. You can even use it to cut a tree branch(see below photo);
6, Smaller diameter increases speed of cutting water;
7, Extremely low memory;
8, Quality guaranteed. We have faith that you will come to our store again and again;
Product Details:
Brand: Frwanf
Model: Fishing Line For Carp Fishing 100M
Meters: 100M
Material: Strong PE fibers
Weaves: 4 Strands
​Test(LB): 6LB 8LB 10LB 12LB 15LB 20 LB 25 LB 30 LB 32 LB 35 LB 40 LB 50 LB 60 LB 70 LB 80 LB 90 LB 100 LB
8 Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Army Green, Blackish Green, Black, White,Grey
Suitable: Saltwater/Freshwater
Package List:
1pc * 100M Fishing line
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