Uhmwpe Fiber 10M/Pcs 420Lb 2Mm 16 Strand Spearfishing Gun Wishbone Rope Round

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uhmwpe fiber 10M/PCS 420LB 2MM 16 Strand Spearfishing Gun Wishbone Rope Round Jacket Rope

This is the line we are using for years after trying different lines,this is the best we found,easy to use,it floats and stay straight on the water avoilding the big mess you\'ll get with common ropes,common ropes normally try to get back to the position they come on the roll every time you pull the buoy to hang your catch,that means a big mess of rope around you,the fish,the speargun and the buoy,cheap rope found on any local store are mybe tentative but at the end you\'ll be here again to purchase the right one.


Material: uhmwpe fiber core with outer polyester jacket

Strands:16 strand

Tested at 420lb/2mm


Smooth stiff and round


Super Light weight and high breaking strength
Not easy to fade and tangle

Can be used for parachute,sailboat,mountain climbing,pulley,kite,winch,fishing,backpack,tent,hammock,tarp guy line and ridge line etc.

white,black,orange,yellow,green,dark blue are optional



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