Edc Gear Portable Tungsten Steel Knife Sharpener With Keychain Whetstone

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This section of professional knife sharpener, making use of the interior angle of 60 degrees, you can easily come into contact with any one blade, completely eliminating the trouble of disassembling the blade. And thoughtful design drawstring holes for easy hanging on your neck or wear keychain, easy to carry and wear collection.
Material: tungsten steel
Size: 51mm x 19mm x 9mm
Package list:
EDC sharpener x1
Sharpening Instructions:
1. First Place sharpener plane down on the desktop, and operate on the edge of the surface, but be careful not to scratch.
2. Verify that the face of their own after sharpening the blade, thumb grip sharpener concave row at the other hand against the knife due to inter-sharpening blades, to post escorts knife blade from back to front operation (just need to gently smooth the force can be).
3. Carefully holding the knife blade at a right angle or straight against the sharpener, repeat the operation until the blades sharp so far.