Blank Hard Fishing Lures Crankbait Vib Minnow Wobblers Unpainted Lure Bodies

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Color FS0780

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Variety Of Blank Hard Fishing Lures, Crankbait ,Vib , Minnow Wobblers, Unpainted Lure Bodies,Freshwater Fish Lure peche Tackle

100% Brand New

Model Size Model Size Model Size Model Size
FS0717 3.3g/4.7cm FS0722 9.5cm/6g FS0726 8.8cm/7g FS0730 9.8cm/6g
FS0718 5cm/3g FS0723 8.5cm/4g FS0727 5.5cm/9g FS0731 9cm/11g
FS0719 7cm/3g FS0724 6.5cm/9g FS0728 7cm/10g FS0732 9.3cm/6g
FS0720 4.5cm/3g FS0725 8.2cm/10g FS0729 10.2cm/7g FS0733 11.2cm/9g
FS0721 10cm/7g