Bearking Retail A+ Fishing Lures Hot-Selling 80Mm/14G, Slim Size Minnow

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BearKing Retail A+ fishing lures 2017 Hot-selling 80mm/14g, slim size minnow shad crank popper penceil bait good quality

Product Features:

1.2pcs*Hooks: Made with two hooks. This design helps increase catch ratio when fish are in a reactive mood and not willing to aggressively feed.
2.The high quality of flashing and undulation from this body is practically impossible to achieve from a round or oval body.
3.The light weight of this body has gone beyond the common knowledge of ABS plastic and has renewed the concept of a tight wobble.
4.This system pushes more gravity toward the stomach and generates a big rolling movement.
5.Product packaging: Each bait is packed in nice retail pvc box.
6.Gift :Each bait including one bearking fishing tackle stickers.
7.All baits are Pure Handmade
Product Details:
Brand: Bearking
Lure Model: Slim shad Rap03
Lure Type: Shad
Lure Weight: 14g
Lure Length: 80mm
Hooks: It is armed with white 2*2XStrong Bearking Hooks
Rings: Quality Bearking Flat rings
5Colors:CoL.A , CoL.B , CoL.C , CoL.E , CoL.F
Feature:3D and nice uv painting
Package Weight: 17g
Package Including: 1pc* Fishing Lure