Anmuka 2.1M 2.4M 2.7M Automatic Fishing Rod Sea River Lake Pool Fishing Pole

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Color Yellow
length 2.1 m

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Anmuka 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m Automatic Fishing Rod (Without Reel) Sea River Lake Pool Fishing Pole Device + + two color six model Fishing wheel

This fishing tackle combo, including a fishing rod and fishing reel, is made from aluminum alloy, impact resistant and durable to use. The size and light weight makes it a perfect fishing tackle for situations .
Pen-sized fishing rod is extendable, perfect for situations where full-size fishing gear is inconvenient. Closed length: 56cm. Extended length: 2.1m-2.7m.
High-hardness aluminum alloy brass fishing reel with forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control.
Reel attaches between 2 grooves in the pen body.
Suitable for fishing from Sea River Lake Pool
Great gift for fishing enthusiasts or collectors.
Pen Fishing Rod
Material: Stainless Steel Hardware
Color: Black
Closed length: 56cm
Extended length: 2.1m-2.7m
Weight: 500g
Mini Spinning Reel
Material: Aluminum alloy
Line Capacity: 0.15/220,0.18/240,0.2/240,0.3/200,0.35/200,0.35/270,0.18/200,0.2/200,0.25/200,0.35/160,0.4/160,0.4/210
Length of Body: 7cm
Package Size: 17cm*14cm*10cm
Package Weight: 450g
Package List:
1 * Fishing Reel

1 * Fishing Rod37