Anki 75Mm 2.4G 20/Pcs Wobblers Fishing Lures Easy Shiner Swimbaits Silicone Soft

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About us:


A Nicely Kinetic Impression.

Japanese know more about fishing.

Designed in Japan.

"Kinetic" refers to pretty much any type of motion - that of people, animals, objects, abstract shapes and other images and it could be live motion or motion that is filmed or recorded by another means.

"Impressions" suggests an immediate effect on the senses that is somewhat vague or suggestive and can be subjective in that people or animals viewing the same impression could perceive it differently and feel differently.

With Kinetic Impression, fish certainly baiting vivid lure, we do the nice lure seriously, that’s why we are named by ANKI.

Japan is well-known in fishing, especially lure, all ANKI lures are designed in Japan.