Allblue Fishing Lure Colorful Spinner 4Pcs/Lot 2.3G Metal Spinner Bait Classic

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ALLBLUE Fishing Lure Colorful Spinner 4pcs/lot 2.3g Metal Spinner Bait Convex/Concave Blade Spinnerbait For Fishing Tackle




Colors:4 Colors

Proven effective time-and-time again, the SPK4 employ a brass body and a direct through-the-shaft design that is uniquely effective. Fitted with a customized convex/concave blade, the Spinners send out sonic vibrations that drive fish crazy. Built to cast like a bullet, the Spinners provide a super-bright, vibration-heavy presentation that grabs the interest of a wide-range of predators, from trout-to-smallmouth and everything in-between.

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