5 Pc Fishing Baits Popper Bait 2.9 "-7.3 Cm / 0.39 Oz-11G Fishing Bait Fishing 6

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5 pc Fishing Baits Popper Bait 2.9 "-7.3 cm / 0.39 oz-11g Fishing Bait Fishing 6 # High Carbon Steel Fishing Hook Face

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Item No .: DXP001
Color: 5 colors
Weight: 11g
Length: 7.3 cm
Hook size: 6 #
Diving depth: Deep water surface
1. The body has a center of gravity transfer steel ball, throwing to move to the tail, improve throwing distance. Air posture stable and smooth, not easy to turn to help cast.
2. Full-angle reflection of external light, an excellent light-induced fish effect. Suitable for different water conditions.
3. The body has a few small steel ball, drag will sound, strongly attract the attention of the fish
4. The use of ABS plastic material production, strong and strong, anti-beat percussion, the internal ball with precision instruments tested to the maximum extent to ensure that each bait\\\'s swim
Operation method:
For low flexibility or hidden in the obstacles around the fish, operating water depth in the 30-50cm, then a small amount of attractive operation, there are two methods of operation, one is the pull bait: force to fish line, so that Lu Ya bait diving after the use of sub-road sub-sea from the surface to the bottom of the action, as well as the water waves caused by the attention of the fish. The second is the wand pole: irregular intermittent light trembling fishing rod, driving the road in the water swimming.
The bait method: Compared with the pull bait method, pumping bait in the pumping rod amplitude is larger, force is also strong, moving distance is also large, moving faster, appropriate grasp of intensity. Do not give the baby the opportunity to breathe, so that they conditioned reflex like bait immediately, with a strong temptation.
Note that the fierce pumping bait can make the road to Asia to reach the maximum limit of swimming, even if it is hiding in the 3-3.5 meters over water plants or rock roots of fish, will be enticed to bite.