300M 4 Strands Fishing Line Multicolor Extreme Brand Braided Wire Fishline Japan

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1. Adopt Japanese technology and material, small diameter but durable.

Material is the lightest and strongest fiber in tenacity and fatigue along with the highest chemical durability among organic high performance fibers. We adopt Japanese technology to produce, our 8 strands braid line must be the best quality fishing line in China.

4 strands braid fishing lines, just made for professional anglers.



  • 4Strands 300m 100% braided fishing line and Highest Quality Spectra Material
  • Very Low Water Absorption
  • Suitable for Spinning/Threadline or Overhead reels
  • Premium quality fit and finish
  • Small Diameter compare to other brands. Means you can spool in more lines.

  • Be made up of 4 strands, better wear proof ability

  • Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Green, Purple and Multicolor.

  • We have 20LB-200LB and 4 strands, 6 strands, 8 strands.

  • Customized service available.

  • Item Includes:
  • 1 x 4 Strands 300M Super Strong BRAID Fishing Line.

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