300G/Bag Herabuna Fishing Baits For Wild Carps Crucians Bait Taiwan Hand Rod

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300g/Bag Herabuna Fishing Baits For Wild Carps Crucians Bait Taiwan Hand Rod Fishing Hera Integrated Dough Baits Additives


This is wonderful herabuna fishing bait especially for big wild carps and crucians.

It contain plenty of nature food like field snail,red worm ,clamworm,wheat germ etc which have high attraction to wild carps,crucians.

It is highly recommended to mix with our other herabuna fishing bait (like protein fiber bait ) to make use of every bait to catch more fishes.

Net weight:approx 300 .0g (10.58oz)/Bag

How to use it(very important):

1 、take 50% of this bait to mix with other herabuna fishing bait .

2 、use your hand to mix them very quickly

3、 Then pour water according to your experience and fastly blend mixture.(Don’t blend mixture again ,otherwise you will destroy fiber network)

4、use your finger to twise the bait in pellet and then hook bait

5、cast your bait into water and observe float action

6、you may need change bait very frenquence about 3-5 minutes each time.

4 use your finger to twist the bait in pellet and then hook bait.

(Remark:This is most difficult comparing with EU carp fishing but you may have more fun from it. Anglers in Chinese Mainland ,Taiwan,Janpanese love this type of fishing very much.If you want to know more about herabuna fishing and Taiwan fishing ,please see below explanation or contact us.)


1 Bag(300g/bag)*herabuna fishing bait


1 Bag(300g/bag)*herabuna fishing bait


1 Don’t expose the bait in the air for a long time.The protain fiber will go bad.

2 To make use of this bait to catch crucians,you need follow above instructions to use bait.


What is Taiwan Fishing?

We would like to introduce it here since we have noticed that some European anglers are interesting in Taiwan Fishing(perhaps it called herabuna in foreign countries).This is one type of fishing originally from Taiwan China since 1980s. The fishing competitor used the style of Taiwan Fishing always caught far more captures then traditional fishing style in the competitions. As China’s reform and open policy ,Chinese mainland have communicated with Taiwan more closely. The Taiwan Fishing style began to spread into Chinese mainland fastly in 1990s. Anglers in Chinese mainland not only have studied it,but have been keeping developing even making plenty of innovations on it.There are hundreds of thousands of anglers using Taiwan fishing in China. So a prosperous fishing industry in China have formed.What’s more,there are many clubs cultivating professional competitors every year which have accelerated the development of Taiwan fishing.



What are benefits of Taiwan Fishing?

A more captures

The main reason is that using Taiwan Fishing style can help you to catch more small or medium size captures especially on crucians. It is absolutely far more than traditional fishing style.In fact,some anglers can catch more than 200 PCS crucians (small or medium size )/hour.

B Enjoy the moment to control fish especially the big fish

The hook link of Taiwan Fishing is much slimmer than European carp fishing.The big fish(I mean big fish here is more than 2.5 KG) is easy to escape away.If Angler are well skilled ,they can use their arm ,rods and hook link to be a integration to cope with big fish until the fish is exhausted.There is a Chinese ancient idiom” the soft overcoming the hard”.The psychological quality of angler is extremely important when the big fish is on the hook. The more confidence ,the more patience you will have to conquer the big fish.Many anglers using the 4.5 M rod and very slim hook line (line breaking strain is less than 5.0 lb) can catch very big fishes. That is the joy of Taiwan Fishing. But, it needs patience and skills.

C The sensitivity of hook link

Unlike waiting for bait alarm,anglers who use Taiwan fishing method can judge the right time to raise their hand rod.In order to be more sensitive,people who uses Taiwan Fishing method prefer to the very slim hook line and float (buoyancy is usually less than 2 g/0.07 oz).When the fish eat bait ,the signal can immediately transmit to the float. Anglers according to the action of float to choose the proper time to raise their rods.

It is every interesting that experienced anglers can guess whether they can catch fishes or not and also guess what kind of fish will be hooked according to the action of float. In fact,the action of float is a little difference on different fish species.

D You are able to catch the specific fish species

Different anglers prefer to different fish species.If you choose the proper bait ,you can catch specific fish like crucians,carps,grass carps,big head carp etc.

E Having more fun to deal with changing conditions

The environment is changing and the fish is tend to be more cautious and more smarter.You often need to think about how to catch fishes by changing baits ,selecting the proper rod length, changing fishing position ,or choosing season,weather etc.It is very complicated,but you will have more fun to deal with changing conditions.The more thinking ,the more captures you will have.

F Joining in competition games with other anglers

It is very popular in China to compete with other anglers. The rules are to calculate the quantity of crucians you can catch at 1.5 hours or the total weight of your captures in 1.5 hours.

G enjoying the communication with nature

It is really good time to sit on your fishing box at the edge of the water reservoir or lily ponds.Fishing is a way to communicate with the nature. All the annoyances you need to face to in life will disappear from you mind.Just enjoy the peaceful moment with nature.

What\'s the Hook link of Taiwan fishing


What kind of fishing equipment are needed for Taiwan Fishing?


Baits for Taiwan Fishing

The below is first Taiwan fishing bait and it is basic bait.Nowadays, mordern technologies have been used in producing baits.Beginer of Taiwan fishing would better to use the basic bait and then try other bait s when your skill or knowledge is accurating.


In conclusion, this is just personal conceptions on Taiwan Fishing.It is obvious that different persons have different opinions. What I am sure is that you will defenitely have fun in using Taiwan fishing method .Welcome to communicate with me your opinons about fishing.

Bruce from Toppory Store

Shenzhen, China

June 10,2017