3 In 1 Multi-Function Ultra Lightweight Survival Folding Shovel Spade Trowel

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Ultra lightweight, smart multi-function, super compact tool for your gardening and outdoor activities.
Handles of the folding shovel fold twice. It is made to be compact in size when folded so it can easily be packed on a camping or beach trip or carried out to the garden.
Comfortable soft rubber grip handle, thickened cutting edge, ergonomic design.
Can be used either straight or at a 90 degree angle.
Comes in a convenient carrying pouch with a loop so the shovel may attach to a belt or backpack.
Comes with a compass at the bottom of the shovel.

Full Length: approx. 40 cm/15.75 in
Shovel Length: approx. 12.5 cm/4.92 in
Spade Length: approx. 11 cm/4.33 in
Weight: approx. 0.5 kg
Package Size: approx. 11 X 17 cm/4.33 X 6.69 in

1 X Package Bag
1 X Tactical Shovel