Daiwa 100M Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines Strong Nylon Multifilament Fishing

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Color White
Line Number 0.4

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2017 Daiwa 100m Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines Strong Nylon Multifilament Fishing Line Reservoir Pond Stream Carp Fishing fluorocarbon fishing line


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Brand: Daiwa
Item: Daiwa nylon fishing line
Color: White, Red
Material: Nylon
Length: 100m
Line number: 0.4-8.0
Diameter: 0.10mm-0.47mm
Features: high sensitivity, high strength, high nodule
LBs(kg): 3.5LB-40.5LB
1.Ultra-high sensitivity, smooth and supple body, fish hearing extremely sensitive, ultra-high sensitivity that anglers control ease.
2.Ultra-high strength, The surface is specially strengthened. Excellent wear resistance.
3.Ultra-high nodule, has incredible ultra-high nodular strength to reduce the imagination of running fish.
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